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Grace Lawyers keeps up to date with the latest cases and industry issues as they arise

In order to do this effectively, our staff maintains heavy involvement in a number of industry associations and peak body groups. They are of course also involved in numerous current legal cases.

As a free service to our clients and the broader strata community, Grace Lawyers issues a number of short news articles, case studies, industry alerts, industry updates and a comprehensive newsletter throughout the year.

We believe it’s the professional thing to do. And the right thing to do.

  • Short News Articles - these involve industry issues that arise and cover a short review of the issue, its impact on your industry and some basic strategies.
  • Case Studies - these involve the review of a legal topic and cover the legal problem, the court cases surrounding the issue and practical solutions to common problems.
  • Industry Alerts - these are when a major issue arises in your industry.
  • Grace in the Media - these are industry related media articles, training notes and seminar papers that Grace has delivered.
  • Industry Updates - these are when a legal case, a legislative change or just market forces changing the way we (and you) do things.