“The very first discussions with Jason cleared the pathway to be able to move forward with a systematic and planned approach and a clear goal in mind. It was obvious to all that the then manager of our resort needed to “move on.” A new manager was desperately needed but how to achieve this was the problem.

An application for the Committee to consent to a purchase of the management rights came forward. It was discovered through the due diligence carried out by Grace Lawyers that this prospective manager would be completely inappropriate for our resort. We would in fact be much worse off than we already were. Grace Lawyers gave us the confidence to refuse to consent to that sale.

As the ongoing QCAT action continued, a second new buyer appeared with all the appropriate skills our resort needed. An interview was quickly organised by Jason between the buyers, our strata manager and the committee. Despite the concern about ongoing QCAT litigation, Jason guided the meeting and was able to clearly articulate the committee’s expectations, the potential of our resort under new management. and give all involved the comfort to proceed.

The new managers began in March 2020 and, as expected, have been brilliant in every aspect. Our resort has had a complete 180º turn around.

Jason and Brogan’s clear communication style was a great comfort to our committee throughout a most horrendous and stressful period. My overriding experience was that I felt I was not really dealing with cold ‘matter-of-fact’ lawyers but talking with friends who genuinely cared. This to me is a sign of moral character rather than something you learn at law school.

Grace Lawyers are based in South East Queensland, and our resort is in Cairns. The distance was never an issue. They visited our resort on many occasions and Jason was even there for our important meeting with our new managers held in Cairns.

I cannot recommend Grace Lawyers highly enough.”



“Strata Mastery (Body Corporate Specialist Trainers for Committee Members, Caretakers, Property Developers and Strata Managers), are happy to respond to any enquiries of anyone considering the engagement of Jason Carlson of Grace Lawyers. Finally, a law firm that bodies corporate can rely upon for –

  • Superior knowledge of all aspects of a body corporate.
  • High standard of ethics (only represents bodies corporate) and possesses a genuine commitment to helping committee members and lot owners to resolve any matters in a timely, cost effective, practical and highly effective manner. We have found that Grace Lawyers are uncompromising in seeking the best outcome for their clients. 
  • Highly articulate with an uncanny ability to make the complex, simple. Jason Carlson and his team are approachable, friendly and readily available to clients requiring hands-on assistance. Attributes that we believe should not be easily disregarded.

On a more personal note, with over 15 years of body corporate industry experience and professionally witnessing many and diverse body corporate trials and tribulations, there is simply no better legal counsel you would want on your side than Jason Carlson of Grace Lawyers.”



“I first met Jason when he was presenting at a Strata Community Association (Qld) event.  I was impressed by the way he presented and his wide knowledge of strata legislation.  I reached out to him when of my bodies corporate had a legal issue and was blown away by his advice and the professional way he dealt with the problem.

I have worked with many other lawyers, but Jason and his team of lawyers are now my first port of call when a body corporate community has a legal issue they need assistance with

Under the leadership of Jason, I trust his team to work effectively and professionally on all strata issues.
 We are fans of Grace Lawyers at The Community Co.”



“In 2019, Grace Lawyers helped our committee successfully respond to an urgent interim order application seeking to stop an important capitol works project. Over the years at Glengarry Private Courts, previously as a Body Corporate Chairperson and now an Ordinary Committee member, I have been exposed to quite a bit of legal argument. The submission prepared by Grace Lawyers stands out as a work of excellence, best summed up by a couple of words: great clarity.”



“I came across Grace Lawyers when I was in a difficult situation and looking for a second legal opinion about a building dispute I was in. From the first contact with Jason Carlson, and throughout the entire process in QCAT, I felt comfortable, confident and supported. They genuinely spent time on my case, studied all of the documents, interpreted options from every possible angle, and provided the best solution. There are two clear differences between Grace Lawyers and other law firms I have worked with in the past:

  1. Complete professionalism with a great deal of attention to detail

  2. No time watching and over charging for services – best value for money.

I would definitely recommend Grace Lawyers.”



“I am the chairman/secretary of a near new 374 apartment strata scheme involved in a fairly complex dispute with our caretaker/manager.

Having had a considerable amount to do with lawyers and the courts over the last 50 years. I am well qualified to rate lawyers.

Jason Carlson and his team at Grace Lawyers in Brisbane I rate 9 out of 10 – it would be 10/10 if our dispute was handled pro-bono!

Their strengths are:

  • client contact : exceptional
  • knowledge of their specialty (strata): exceptional

  • sense of urgency: excellent

  • willingness and patience to explain complicated legal concepts: excellent

I have found it rare and most unusual to for a legal firm to have all of the above attributes. I highly recommend them.”



“My experience with Grace Lawyers has been a very positive one, the most important factor being the direct availability of our lawyer and the firm in general when it was required. Or committee was never disregarded or ignored despite being one of the firm’s smaller clients.

Grace Lawyers have many clients and obviously are required to manage the needs of those individuals from time to time within sometimes difficult time frames imposed by external influences. I can certainly say that Grace Lawyers made themselves available when we needed them. I felt I was always treated as a priority client and was kept well informed of relevant Court appearances and the progress of my case.

I was impressed with the expertise of Grace Lawyers. I felt they were very generous with their time whilst still keeping legal fees to a minimum without prejudicing the management of our matter.

I found Grace Lawyers to be completely professional in their manner. They are to be commended on their ability to explain different courses of action and associated consequences in everyday language.

I would not hesitate to recommend Grace Lawyers.”



“When our small community started to encounter serious issues with an owner, we needed professional help. That’s when we started a dialogue with Grace Lawyers. We had used other law firms in the past for usual body corporate work, but this was different. We needed solid, knowledgeable and most importantly dependable advice from people who have done this before. Jason Carlson and Brogan Elliott helped guide us through a process in dealing with the issues we were experiencing. None of us ever knew the length and breadth of where this would take us. Along the way, our small scheme has broken new ground with Grace and also with the legal system.

The years that have transpired for our matters have seen Brogan Elliott rise from assisting more senior resources to becoming a senior resource in her own right. Our scheme has full confidence with Brogan representing us at the bar table for mentions or devising and executing strategy for the long haul. We have been particularly impressed with how well prepared Brogan has been in briefing our barrister and senior partners of Grace, and the Body Corporate as a whole.

Our legal team has consisted of three key players Jason Carlson, Brogan Elliott and our counsel Mr Ben Strangman. We could not be more satisfied with how they have performed. It’s the legal system that we are most disappointed in and our team has helped manage our expectations, chart our course and keep us in front of the issues when the system has let us down.

As we are constantly reminded: “there’s no certainty in litigation”. But we also know there is certainty in surrounding ourselves with good people.”



Jason, Brogan and the team at Grace Lawyers were invaluable in helping our Body Corporate Committee through a very difficult situation. After years of poor performance from the management rights holder, we finally decided to take action. From the outset, Grace Lawyers were very sensitive to the specifics in our situation and over time became a trusted partner in identifying and collaborating with the various experts required to resolve the situation.

The situation was very traumatic for us involving many lost days off work including the fear of losing value in our homes and investments due to negligence and poor maintenance, conflict with the management rights holder, and the overwhelming bewilderment at the process required to conclude the matter. Jason and his team walked us through the many moving parts of the situation by explaining the process and making the points of law involved easier to understand. He answered our questions, no matter how trivial (even after hours!), and took time out of his day and personal holiday time to check-in and follow up without us having to call for updates.

The care and eye for detail from Grace Lawyers was very much appreciated. Jason made what could have been a very difficult process quite bearable and for this we thank you. At all times we were in the very best of hands and this gave us great confidence. Thank you!



We have been dealing with Grace Lawyers in particular Colin Grace and Daniel Radman since 2005 and have found them to be Professional, honest and transparent. They are experts in the Strata Industry and have assisted our clients and staff over the years. We have been treated first class and are excited about the growing future of the Strata Industry and a continuing relationship



Colin Grace, Daniel Radman and Peter Ton have provided us with on-going support during this time. Daniel’s debt recovery team has proved invaluable for STM and our Owners Corporations, while Peter and Colin consistently provide thorough and sound advice. From drafting by-laws to

assisting with complicated defect claims, Grace Lawyers have always achieved excellent results for our Owners, and STM is very pleased to continue to work with such an experienced partner.



I have been working with Colin Grace, Daniel Radman and the Grace team for over 12 years, and have found them to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive in legal claims that I deal with, including NCAT matters, debt collection and by-law drafting. They are a leader in the Strata Industry, and I would recommend them to anyone requiring legal assistance.




Everything from simple legal advice, training sessions, drafting & registering By-laws, assisting with defects and Home Warranty claims, reviewing major contracts, debt collection etc. It has been a great relationship and I have appreciated your advice and assistance with everything in that time.




The directors are hands on, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for their clients. I personally, have known Colin for over 20 years and could not recommend his services more highly.



Our case was dealt with an open and honest approach in ways that we could easily understand what was happening as the case went along. Overall I found the staff to be completely across their brief, with forensic knowledge of the current legislation and laws around Strata Management, building defects etc.

In this day and age of dishonest developers/builders selling their defect ridden buildings to unsuspecting buyers, owners corporations need all the help they can get and I could not recommend Grace Lawyers highly enough.